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I reblog a lot of things; if you want to see posts about my life and what I talk about follow the linked pages accordingly.

A little about the author: I am 21, female, cisgender, INF/SP, bisexual, polyamorous, and go by Gabbi - but you can call me Bodacious Jones, or Gabbz, if you like. I write about my recovery from bulimia, my dance (I am a sponsored hoop dancer at Hoop Conscious, a swing dancer, as well as a solo contemporary dancer), my art (side blog, being gluten intolerant, and living with reactive hypoglycemia. All of these things have a page for related posts.

Hobbies including I.T. support, playing the ukulele, doodling, and singing extremely inappropriate songs in the shower.

Feel free to ask me whatever you like - anonymously or not.

Most of the time I try to be attractive to impress my boyfriend. Other times I make this face and send it to him at random. That’s true love. #boyfriend #goofingoff #sillypicture #sillyface #ridiculousness

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