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A little about the author: I am 21, female, cisgender, INF/SP, bisexual, polyamorous, and go by Gabbi - but you can call me Bodacious Jones, or Gabbz, if you like. I write about my recovery from bulimia, my dance (I am a sponsored hoop dancer at Hoop Conscious, a swing dancer, as well as a solo contemporary dancer), my art (side blog, being gluten intolerant, and living with reactive hypoglycemia. All of these things have a page for related posts.

Hobbies including I.T. support, playing the ukulele, doodling, and singing extremely inappropriate songs in the shower.

Feel free to ask me whatever you like - anonymously or not.

I tried to smile but instead this ended up all squinty. #365days #selfie #day172 #ginger #blueeyes #pixiecut


WHAT YOU GET (pictured above):

  • signed photo of Riley modelling RodeoHs
  • signed and dated original painting done by Riley in 2013
  • set of rainbow, cat, and dog stickers
  • used Kodak Instamatic X-15F camera
  • (3) 8x10” canvas panels (still wrapped!)
  • plastic painting palette
  • new set of paint brushes
  • 12” ruler
  • monster pouch w/lifetime warranty
  • set of giant paper clips
  • mini easel and mini canvas
  • tub of extra fine magenta glitter
  • set of 16 gel grips
  • Fiskars deluxe-double pencil/crayon sharpener
  • box of 24 crayons
  • box of 16 jumbo crayons
  • box of 8 neon markers
  • bag of 12 neon no.2 pencils
  • box of 6 mechanical pencils
  • box of 36 coloured pencils
  • box of 8 super gel pens
  • (1) leopard print photo box

ESTIMATED VALUE: $100 + free shipping!


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The winner will be announced on October 8th, 2014.


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  • ABOUT US: Tara & Riley

G O O D   L U C K ! 

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It’s Bi Visibility/Celebrate Bisexuality Day! Learn more and find ways to celebrate in your community here. Fellow bisexuals, I salute you! 

Bisexual Justice guy is now my favorite super hero. 

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Cybernetic Conversation Series


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Happy #BiVisibilityDay twitter-friends! Raise the #BiPride flag & click to learn more:

HELL YEAH I’m proud. I mean I’m also scared because my family is super conservative, and so are a lot of my friends… but this is me… and I admit that.

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Wow so beautiful. <3

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Organizing and figuring out what I’ve got for my YART booth. I feel like I’m really getting somewhere… but its going to be a serious hassle to take all these down and color them.
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Fact: Today (September 23rd) is bisexuality awareness day. Be aware of bisexuals. They are dangerous.

We sure are dangerous.

Dangerously sexy.

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The next stage of works for the show. Color to be added.
I hope I see lots of people at YART!
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